About Us

4P For People is a Norwegian/Filipino NGO with headquarters in Manila, The Philippines. Our goal is to strengthen people, regardless of skincolor, religion or political views, to reach their full potential. Our work is based upon Christian values, with focus on mercy and the value of each individual. We concentrate on prevention and long-term help. We truly believe that giving kids’ the opportunity for an education and a better future is a vital to fight poverty.

4P has been run by Bjørg og Ingar Åkerlund, as well as local employees since 2009. We concentrate on local support and cooperation, and work closely with the government and other organizations in The Philippines.

4P do extensive work in Manila´s slums. Our programs include among other things educational support, parental guidance, courses for pregnant women, and medical help. At the Children’s Home “Rejoice” we offer love and affection to kids who have been neglected and abused, and that is unable to grow up with their families. For more detailed information read “Empower by 4P”.

4P have now started to develop a 6-acre lot to create a community that facilitates security and development for its residents. The first step will be a children’s village, the kids from our Children’s Home “Rejoice” will move here in 2019. Next, we will build social housing, multipurpose hall and more. For more information check out “Rejoice Village by 4P”.

To continue this work, we need economical support. Today our funds are based on private donors as well as events held in Norway. Every year we arrange “Designbasar, by 4P” in the city of Bergen. All money raised goes to our work in The Philippines. For more information about the event look up “Designbasar, by 4P”.

Do you have tips our ideas, or want to help out by raising funds through bazars or in other ways, reach out to us at post@4p.no.

Sustainable human development is about raising people’s well-being and creating an equality that enables people to find their potential


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